Cambridge Road Estates Community Group

  • Jill Preston, Chair
  • Kingston
  • Established 21 years ago
  • Foodbank and prepared meal service for local community


About Cambridge Road Estates Community Group

As the Chair for the past 19 years, I’ve been involved from the very start. We work to improve the health and wellbeing of those living in or surrounding the Cambridge Road Estates. We provide a hot food service on Tuesdays for homeless and vulnerable people in the area, and we also have a foodbank. Before the pandemic, our work wasn’t primarily food based, but that is now a large part of what we do.

When did you first get help from us?

About a year ago. We were invited to a zoom meeting with many other charities and were introduced that way by another partner of Dons Local Action Group.

What was the situation like before we became involved?

For a long time we were one of the only foodbanks open in the area, as we had Covid-proofed our building early on. This meant that a lot of people came to us for support and we had to expand our efforts very quickly.

How do we help you?

After our focus became mainly food based support for the community, we knew we wanted to be able to offer fresh food alongside cupboard staples. This is where Dons Local Action Group came in, every week we let them know what items we are short of and they help us plug the gap.

How has this help impacted your work?

We rely on Dons Local Action Group for 25% of the items we donate to our community. They give us a really great variety of things, such as butter, cheese, shampoo, toothpaste, clothes washing powder, dog and cat food.


Dons Local Action Group has been fantastic at providing essential household items to supplement the food we give out to our network of homeless people and vulnerable families.