JCT Community Management

  • Daren McCoy, Director
  • Clapham Junction, Wandsworth
  • Established in 2019
  • Community interest group


About JCT Community Management

JCT stands for just come together, and that’s what we do. It was a project born out of frustration, we have programmes for children, youths, and ex-prisoners. Once the pandemic hit, initially we began distributing surplus food from supermarkets. Since we started food sharing it’s become the largest part of the work we do.

When did you first get help from us?

As our network grew we needed more food, so we were looking for what to do next. We saw a Dons Local Action Group stall outside a local supermarket in Spring 2020 and asked for help.

What was the situation like before we became involved?

Previously, the majority of the food that was donated to us was bread, pastries and food from the bakery section of the supermarket. We wanted to be able to provide fresher food and more variety. This is something we can now do with the help of Dons Local Action Group.

How do we help you?

We can now ensure that our network of families have fresh food to go alongside the bakery items that are surplus from supermarkets. Fresh food means a lot to the people we support. It’s also been a massive help having more people involved and a network of volunteers and vehicles ready to help transport food to the families.

How has this help impacted your work?

Since we’ve been involved we have been able to expand our operations and help even more families with fresh food. Nothing goes to waste, we were able to donate 15 tons of food from March-December 2020, a lot was from Dons Local Action Group.


Celebrating our  Sports Journalists’ Association award for social change with JCT.