Referral Partners

We collaborate with social services, GPs, housing associations, schools and many other local organisations so they can refer individuals or families. We deliver food parcels or furniture directly to their doorstep. Laptops and tablets are given to schools who redistribute them to their pupils most in need.

Why we do it

“In a couple of cases, I can think of involving maternal depression and partner desertion, these women who care for children have been at their wit’s end with worry about how they can provide.
A referral to the Dons Local Action Group always results in a jolly response, immediate delivery of food, non-judgmental questions and the knowledge I, as the referrer, have helped provide a solution to what is an ever-increasing problem.

Liz, Health visitor, Your Healthcare CIC

“Dons Local Action Group have eased the pressure off us and we have more time to provide peer support to Merton residents living with mental health challenges. Since the pandemic demand for our services has skyrocketed. They are about people, not just ticking a box.”

Focus 4-1, adult mental health organisation, Merton

“Parents have told me that knowing they will receive regular food deliveries has left them feeling safe in the knowledge that their children can eat, and means that money saved on food can be spent on other essentials, like heating. We have received approx. 20 laptops that have made a big difference to children having to learn remotely and it means that they are equal to their peers and not disadvantaged by their circumstances.”

Children and Families Coordinator, Tolworth Schools, Kingston

“I just want to commend Dons Local Action Group for the high quality of their your service, which demonstrates a genuine commitment to helping those in need. Both the patients we have so far referred have been blown away by the professionalism of their volunteers, the swiftness of their response, the quality and quantity of the food and furniture delivered.”

Social Prescriber, Churchill Medical Centre, Kingston

“We have one client who fled with her 3 children and was placed in emergency temporary accommodation. She had no money, no food. We contacted Dons Local Action Group and they were able to provide a food parcel to the family straightaway. Leaving the family overwhelmed, extremely grateful and the children excited to have food. It is amazing when charities can work together to impact families positively.”

Cassandra Centre, charity for people affected by domestic abuse, Norbury

If you would like to become a referral partner, please get in touch.


Welcome, Referrer!

We exist to help those who need us on a food emergency basis.
We support those who have nowhere else to turn and who, for whatever reason, have found themselves unable to afford food. We are here to provide one time help on an 8-week basis.

Please consider carefully whether, as a potential referrer, your client fits these criteria. If they do, we will be able to help them, thanks to the generous donations of time and food from our volunteers, shoppers and valued partners.