Silver Youth Club

About Us

On March 14, 2023, the Dons Local Action Group’s Silver Youth Club (SYC) in New Malden, RBK, was inaugurated. The club was established to provide a safe, welcoming environment for people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. The initiative was driven by the realisation during the COVID-19 pandemic of how easily individuals, especially the elderly and vulnerable, can become isolated and lonely. The primary aim of SYC is to offer community members an opportunity to leave their homes, engage in social interactions, make new friends, or bring along existing ones.

Activities and Community

Initially, SYC had 35-45 members, but this quickly grew to 50 within a month. Now, the club sees a regular attendance of 50 to 60 people every Monday, with members aged between 40 and 95. The club’s activities, organized by 8 to 10 regular volunteers, include setting up the hall, preparing food and drinks, and conducting various activities like quizzes, word searches, bingo, and raffles. Celebrations of members’ birthdays add to the community spirit.

Musicians and the community choir often join the club, providing entertainment and opportunities for member participation. Through fundraising initiatives like cake sales, raffles, and donations, the club has organized affordable trips to various locations. Additionally, SYC has established connections with medical practitioners who recommend the club for vital social engagement. As SYC approaches its third year in March 2024, its mission to offer a joyful break to those in need in the community remains steadfast, with continued appreciation for the support from DLAG and its volunteers.

Come join us at 12pm every Monday at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in New Malden