Peter Wilkins

Head of Finance Volunteer

Peter is an accountant and has held varied finance positions across multiple industries from TV to fund management. He is also treasurer and trustee for two local charities based in Kingston.

I go to lots of gigs and already knew Ed Sheeran before he was famous when he used to play in Tooting and Putney pubs. I was invited to his first album launch party.

Xavier Wiggins

Co-Founder, Ambassador - Volunteer

Xavier has shifted from working in the real estate industry for 25 years to launching a social enterprise:, an online marketplace for the benefit of not-for-profit organisations.

My telly experience is considerable, despite being rubbish at it. From regular slots on Soccer AM to something on Men and Motors with Vinnie Jones from his local pub to a quiz on Live TV where one of our team had to do the Bucking Bronco for extra points.

Missie Wellstead

Head of Security - Volunteer

After spending many years playing in gardens and snuggling on sofas, Missie began her security career at the food hub. She now supervises the deputy security team who constantly naps on the job.

I love chewing on carrots and going on strolls with volunteers during their breaks. After 12 years of back and forth at the vets, I discovered I only have one kidney, I am a walking miracle!

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