Penny McNabb

Head of Voluntary Partnerships - Volunteer

Penny has spent most of her career as a Conference Producer in publishing, creating large scale events in the Social Care sector. She also cared for an aged family member. She has now transitioned into a Learning Coach.

I was named after a Thunderbirds puppet!

Kevin Godwin

Head of Administration - Volunteer

Kevin's background is in compliance and client service delivery. Previous roles have included Technical and Operations Director for SME and Global Lloyd's of London Brokers

I love travelling and have visited over 65 countries and counting. I am a lifelong West Ham fan.

Corinne D’Angelo

Head of Marketing - Volunteer

Corinne is a corporate brand strategy consultant. She has worked across various industries on a wide range of projects - from rebranding multinationals to advising a local charity.

I can't shake off my French accent despite living in Wandsworth for the past 25 years. I still can't pronounce squirrel, salmon or vegetable, among other words, which is a source of great amusement for my family and friends.


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