Under 18s Policy (H3.5)

As part of our safeguarding policy, children under 14 are not able to volunteer with us.

14–15-year-olds can volunteer if accompanied by a parent/guardian at certain store collection points. Store collection points normally call for two adult volunteers per shift. A 14–15-year-old may accompany their parent or guardian on a shift, but the parent/guardian must only book a shift that shows 2/2 in the app (meaning two shifts available). Once the parent/guardian has booked themselves for the shift, they should message the store WhatsApp group (better to WhatsApp the store leader) and ask the store leader to block out the other shift.

For all our stalls, we can offer volunteering opportunities for those over 16 and that do not require a parent / guardian to be present on the same shift. Our Onboarding team can advise on these opportunities.

16 and 17 years may join My Impact and book a shift to support a stall. This may result in doing a solo shift if no other volunteer signs on to the same shift.

Please note that under 18 years cannot volunteer at the Hub, as a Driver or supporting behind the scenes activities.

All children under the age of 18 years old will be required to provide proof of their age e.g. passport etc. If this information is not provided before they volunteer, we will not be able to support Duke of Edinburgh assessments.