Keeping our community fed, connected, supported

We are a local network of volunteers initially formed in response to the COVID-19 crisis and now permanent across Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston.

We aim to help those in our local community to fight poverty and offer support. We provide food parcels, household goods, furniture and appliances. We also offer laptops through our Keep Kids Connected initiative for children who do not have access to online learning.

Cycle and support people of South West London by fundraising for Dons Local Action Group

15th September 2024

Registration Fee £55


Fundraising target £150

Management speech at Jingle Bells Sports Gala Dinner 2023

Since 2020 we have achieved so much together… 🎉

Table outside supermarket with food donations

Three years since establishing in March 2020, we’ve grown and grown. Here are some milestones we’ve reached:

  • 2500 active volunteers who helped us every step of the way
  • Food for over 5.5 million meals distributed to those in need
  • 3300 laptops, tablets and computers were refurbished and redistributed to school children
  • Around 1000 pieces of furniture and appliances were delivered to households

This represents several million pounds worth of food, furniture, laptops, tablets and computers given to our community to relieve the effects of poverty.

Our awards

We are humbled by the recognition we have received since we started in 2020 and want to thank all our volunteers, partners and donors for their never-wavering support.

  • Best Football Community Scheme - Non Premier League, At the Football Business Awards
  • Breakthrough Charity Award, Merton Best Business Awards
  • Kindness in the Community, Merton Best Business Awards
  • British Citizen Award
  • Sports for Social Change Award, Sports Journalists’ Association
  • Hero Award, Pizza Express
  • The Community Connectors Awards, Openreach
  • Lockdown Heroes, Football Supporters' Association
  • Community project of the year, London Football Awards
  • Best Covid-19 Community Response Non Premier League, Football Business Awards

Did you know we also accept laptops, furniture & white goods?

The Dons Local Action Group are nothing short of amazing! Practical, entrepreneurial and inspirational. I love them.

Siobhain McDonagh, MP for Mitcham and Merton

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Dons Local Action Group. Registered Charity no. 1201803.

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Helpline: 0203 301 4511