Donate a laptop or tablet

All of the families were overwhelmed at your generosity and a fair few tears were shed. You have made a massive difference to children who were trying SO hard to keep up with their work and keep connected with their teachers and classmates.

Kings Oak primary school


Help us reduce inequalities and fight digital poverty across Merton, Wandsworth and Kingston. We have already delivered over 1000 laptops and tablets thanks to many generous donations. Demand is still high however and our work is not done!

An estimated 700,000 young people do not have access to the internet on a computer or tablet at home in the UK. This is a real concern as children with access to technology at home tend to do better in school exams and gain valuable skills.

Even more worryingly, as teachers and parents navigate a safe return to school this winter, local lockdowns and individual household isolation are likely to continue to disrupt the education of many and our aim is not to leave any child and teenager behind.

KKC (Keep Kids Connected) is inspirational and exactly what the community needs now. If you have a spare laptop hanging around please let them have it, it could change a child’s life.

Ed Davey, Kingston & Surbiton MP

Do you have a laptop or tablet less than 8 years old that you’d like to put to good use?

No device is beyond repair! We will wipe all data and we’re able to fix faulty devices.

Our Amazon wishlist features essential items needed to get kids online suited for a range of budgets. From a £5 computer mouse to a brand new laptop for £180.

If you are a business and would like to help, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to discuss how you can get involved.

What happens when you donate a device

Step 1

We collect your laptop or tablet.

Step 2

Laptops: Our IT specialists securely erase your hard disk data. The data is unrecoverable using industry standards such as DoD Short and Sata Secure Erase. The device is refurbished and we install Chrome OS.
Tablets: we restore the device to factory settings, which similarly ensures any data cannot be recovered.

Step 3

One of our drivers delivers directly to a local school. The school then passes it on to a child who needs the device.